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Living with missing or severely damaged teeth can deeply affect one’s quality of life, leading to diminished self-esteem and social discomfort. The shame and embarrassment of social interactions, the lack of self-confidence, and even the pain and discomfort of being unable to bite or chew properly.

Fortunately, at Limitless Dental in Jersey City, NJ, our goal since 2017 has been helping patients regain smiles and reshape their lives to a state of joy, happiness, and fulfillment. Our full mouth dental implants provide a complete oral reconstruction, even if you have been missing teeth for years. The result is a stunning, celebrity-like smile and a renewed state of oral health that will last for decades.

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A Superior Alternative
to Traditional Dentures

When it comes to smile restoration, dentures aren’t your only option. While once a reliable solution, dentures have proven to be dated due to their drawbacks. They are made to sit on top of the gums, promoting jawbone deterioration and sunken facial features. Dentures are prone to slipping and falling out as the jawbone shrinks, making for an uncomfortable and unreliable fit. While once considered a cost-effective option upfront, the disadvantages of dentures have made them a more costly option in the long run. Our solution? Full Mouth Dental Implants.

Full mouth dental implants, also called full arch dental implants, are far more natural and comfortable and don’t have to be removed for cleaning. Instead, like natural teeth, they are maintained with routine brushing and flossing. Full mouth dental implants are secured in the jawbone with just 4-6 implant posts, making them a permanent solution to missing teeth. With full arch dental implants, you never have to worry about your teeth slipping or falling out during conversations or while eating your favorite foods!

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Do I Qualify for Full Arch Dental Implants?

Before creating a treatment plan for full mouth dental implants, Dr. Nick Ciardiello will evaluate your oral health, bone density, and overall well-being to ensure suitability for the procedure. Conditions like missing or decayed teeth, gum disease, or mouth trauma may indicate full mouth dental implant eligibility. We determine bone density through a comprehensive consultation, including detailed assessments and advanced imaging, and discuss your dental history and treatment objectives.

Our team collaborates closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals. We are committed to providing individualized care to help you achieve a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing smile. Full mouth dental implants offer a modern and innovative solution that can significantly transform your smile, enhancing your oral health and confidence.

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Putting Your Healthiest Smile Within Reach

While full mouth dental implants can offer a transformative solution for restoring your smile and boosting confidence, it’s crucial to consider the associated costs. At Limitless Dental, we’re committed to making this extensive restorative treatment accessible and affordable. We offer third-party financing options to help alleviate the financial burden, allowing you to spread out the costs and make it more manageable.

Understanding the significance of affordability in accessing necessary dental care, our team is dedicated to exploring flexible payment plans tailored to your needs. We firmly believe that achieving your desired smile should be attainable, and we’re here to discuss various options to make it possible for you.

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